Get Bouncing Galway

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At Get Bouncing Galway we cater for all occasions, big or small. Once you've ordered and booked your inflatable, we will deliver the unit on the morning of your special occasion and set the unit up. The unit will be collected the following morning or later that evening.

Units can only be erected on mature lawns (no top soil or rough surfaces). A power supply will be required to operate the fan blower. The terms and conditions of the hire will be explained to you on site.

Pretty much all of our units are enclosed, meaning your child cannot fall  to the ground from a platform or raised profile whilst on the castle. Enclosed units can also be used in light rain conditions, meaning the fun doesn't have to stop when the rain starts.


Apart from our slides, all our units have rain covers which in light rain will keep the unit dry. Heavy rain and high winds can increase the risk of injury and therefore units will not be erected and/or hired if weather conditions are particularly inclement on the day. If this happens to be the case, you will not be charged and you will be given an alternative date for the hire of the inflatable.

Who Can Use the Inflatable:

Get Bouncing Galway do not hire adult inflatables. All inflatables are intended for children use only (under adult supervision at all times). We recommend that younger /smaller children use the castle at the same time and avoid situations where older/bigger children are using the castle at the same time as younger children. Any child with existing injuries, such as broken bones, sprains or strains, back or neck pain or any other issue that could be exasperated by playing on an inflatable is not permitted to use the unit for their own safety.

When using Inflatables:

To ensure the health and safety of all users the following rules must be adhered to:

  • No jewellery to be worn when using an inflatable
  • No shoes are to be worn on any inflatable
  • Glasses should not be worn when playing on inflatables
  • You must not use the inflatable if you are suffering from any existing injury
  • Fan blowers must never be tampered with
  • Climbing or sitting on side/end walls of units is not permitted
  • Adult supervision is required at all times and children must never be left unsupervised when playing on inflatables
  • Where a unit becomes damaged, torn or unsafe in any way, Get Bouncing Galway must be contacted immediately. Children must never be allowed to continue playing on a unit if it is unsafe.
  • Units will not be erected during high winds or heavy rains - this decision is made by the hire company and not the by the person hiring the unit
  • Adults are not permitted to use inflatables that are intended and designed for children
  • Every effort is made to ensure that all holding pegs are inserted as deep as possible into the ground, however due to excessive bouncing, pegs may be pulled up slightly. Children must be made aware of this in an effort to avoid slips, trips and falls.

Please deflate the castle once you are finished with it - do not leave inflated over night.